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3SB72LE-25 RCBOs

  • Overview

    1P+N in 1 modular width (18 mm);
    Up to 25 A;

  • Applications and functions

    Applies to circuit of AC50/60 Hz, rated voltage to 230 V, and rated current up to 25 A.
    Widely used in residual building with the function of switching and isolating, overload protection, short-circuit protection and protection against the effects of sinusoidal alternating earth fault currents.

    Type AC: for which tripping is ensured for residual sinusoidal alternating currents, whether suddenly applied or slowly rising.

    RCDs with a rated residual current of maximum 30 mA are used for personnel, material and fire protection, as well as for protection against direct contact.

  • Features

    The combination of an RCCB and a miniature circuit breaker in a compact design.
    The MCB part  protects lines against overload and short circuits and is available in tripping characteristics C.
    Electronic Type, voltage dependent

  • Technical specifications

    Standards: IEC 61009-1
    Type (wave form of the earth leakage sensed): AC
    Number of poles: 1+N (1 module)
    Rated current In: 6, 10, 16, 20, 25 A
    Rated voltage Ue: 230 V AC
    Rated insulation voltage Ui: 500 V AC
    Rated Frequency Fn: 50/60 Hz
    Rated residual currents IΔn: 30 mA
    Rated breaking capacity acc.to IEC61009-1 ultimate Icn: 6 kA
    Rated residual breaking capacity IΔm: 4.5 kA
    Tripping characteristic: C
    Degree of protection: IP20, with connected conductors

Product Information

Product Information

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